Sunday, May 23, 2010

A word about props

If you've had a session with me then you know I come to the session with only one thing, my camera. While I love props and think they can add an extra dimension to photos I rarely bring them with me. The reason for that is because I feel props are a personal expression and choice. So, I urge you to bring anything from home that you find meaningful to the session.

I'll use myself as an example. One day, when I finally decide on a photographer to capture my family photos I will bring with me this book:

I love this book, it symbolizes my exact feelings towards my children and I would love a photo, maybe in black and white, of me reading it to my two girls.

I might also bring this:

Yep, that's Ranger, my boxer dog who we adore, especially my children. She reminds me of Nana from Peter Pan, always watching over my babies. I can just imagine, a photo of my girls loving on their Ranger.

I might also bring my eldest daughter's gadgets, she is a gadget queen with her mp3 player, Nintendo DS, and her mini laptop. I would love to capture her, with the look of intense concentration on her face while playing her DS, or rocking out to her favorite songs on her mp3 player. And yes, I would totally put that on my wall. Probably in a storyboard :)

So next time you are having photos done and you want something a little more personal please, please, please bring props along!

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