Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Together Again

Ahhh, true love, these two have it. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to document Brian's homecoming from Afghanistan. His wife happens to be one of my best friends and she was so excited to see him again. She had every right to be also. His deployment was definitely not an easy one and was more dangerous than usual as well.

Homecomings are always a bit chaotic once the guys get off their bus and this one was no different. I followed Vanessa through the crowd into a sea of desert cammies where every Marine and Corpsman looked identical. Somehow she found Brian and called out his name and at last the two were reunited. As a military wife I understand the relief and happiness Vanessa must have felt to have her husband back in her arms. My husband returned from a 6 month deployment in July of this year and the moment we shared together after those long months was priceless and I am so thankful that I had a photographer there to capture it.
**By the way, somehow these were uploaded opposite of how they were intended. The last photo is Vanessa seeing the buses pull up, then seeing Brian, etc.

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